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Interpretation of Ideologies & Intelligences in KRZ

The Bureau of Reclaimed Spaces in Act II seems to represent political ideology. The Bureau’s repurposing of buildings embodies governmental and capitalistic ideology. Act III furthers capitalistic ideology during a visit to the distillery, where Conway becomes indebted to the distillery after turning down a job there.

Snapshot 1 (9-23-2014 1-31 AM)Act II of KRZ also contains some religious ideology, in the form of a mass with no congregation present. Strangely, the mass is held by one non-religious person who plays recordings of previous sermons. There’s also mention of some religious rituals. Weird.

Snapshot 2 (9-23-2014 1-52 AM)KRZ contains a variety of verbal, visual and musical intelligence. The game itself is a beautifully crafted interactive narrative. Music is present in scenes from each act. Perhaps the best example from KRZ is the ‘choose the lyrics’ song performance from Act III.

3 thoughts on “Interpretation of Ideologies & Intelligences in KRZ

  1. The further I get into the game the more I can see the capitalistic ideologies. I am not quite as far as you are in the game but look forward to getting there.

  2. I haven’t had a chance to try this game yet, but every post makes me think that I would love it. I hear reports that it’s boring, but I love allegorical stories especially when they relate to capitalism, religion, or anything post-apocalyptic.

    1. It’s a fun game. Give it a try.